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Shifting Gears: How Depreciation Drives the Rise of Used Car Shipping

The recent news of increasing car depreciation in Canada, with wholesale used car prices dropping even further than the historical average [Source:], paints an interesting picture for the used car market and the potential impact on used car shipping services.

A Market in Flux:

While there have been some fluctuations, Canadian used car wholesale prices have seen a consistent decline. This week's decrease of -0.51% surpasses the historical average decline of -0.36% for the same period (January 13, 2024) . This trend is further emphasized by the average listing price for used vehicles reaching approximately $37,600, based on a 14-day moving average [Source:].

Understanding the Implications

As newer cars depreciate faster, the financial appeal of slightly older, well-maintained used cars from different provinces or regions increases. This can lead to:

  • More geographically diverse used car purchases: Individuals might find better deals on used cars in different parts of the country, creating a need for reliable car shipping services.

  • Budget-conscious car buyers: With tighter budgets due to rising car prices, used car buyers might be more inclined to explore options outside their immediate area, leading to an increase in cross-provincial used car purchases.

The graph above illustrates the depreciation rate for different car segments in Canada. As you can see, newer cars tend to depreciate faster, making used cars a more attractive option for budget-minded buyers.

Catering to the Evolving Market

Car shipping companies can adapt to this shifting landscape by:

  • Offering competitive shipping rates: Understanding the cost-conscious nature of used car buyers, companies can highlight their commitment to providing affordable car shipping solutions.

  • Emphasizing secure and reliable transport: Potential concerns about the safety of shipping a used car can be addressed by emphasizing secure transport methods, experienced drivers, and comprehensive insurance coverage.

  • Providing transparent communication: Keeping customers informed throughout the shipping process, from pick-up to delivery, builds trust and ensures a smooth experience.

Additional Resources

  • Choosing a Reliable Car Shipping Company:  Individuals might find better deals on used cars in different parts of the country, creating a need for reliable car shipping services like Quick Car Moving

Addressing Potential Concerns

While the prospect of finding a great deal on a used car in another province is exciting, potential buyers often have concerns about the shipping process. Car shipping companies like Quick Car Moving can alleviate these concerns by

  • Providing clear and upfront pricing: Transparent pricing structures with all associated costs outlined upfront build trust and avoid any unexpected surprises.

  • Offering various insurance options: Different levels of insurance coverage can be offered to cater to individual needs and risk tolerance.

  • Maintaining open communication: A dedicated customer support team can address questions and concerns throughout the shipping process, ensuring a stress-free experience.


The increasing depreciation of newer cars, coupled with prices exceeding historical averages, can potentially lead to a rise in demand for used car shipping services. By understanding the needs of budget-conscious used car buyers and offering competitive rates, secure transport, and clear communication, car shipping companies can position themselves as valuable partners in this evolving market.

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