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Professional Car  Shipping Services in New Brunswick

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Car Shipping in New Brunswick : What You Need to Know

Considering shipping your car from New Brunswick? Whether you're a recent graduate heading off to college in Ontario, a car dealer finalizing a deal in Calgary, or a family embarking on a new journey to Montreal or Toronto, Quick Cars Moving is here to guarantee that your car shipping experience is straightforward and stress-free.

Image of a Car Shipping New Brunswick

Imagine this: 18 trucks, 5 enclosed trailers, and a network reaching almost every corner of Canada. Quick Cars Moving is more than just a car shipping service – it's your trustworthy solution. Our trucks hit the road to various destinations at least once a week, ensuring comprehensive coverage. In the rare event that one truck encounters an issue, the next one in our extensive network steps up, ensuring you're never left stranded.

We take pride in our skilled drivers, each with over 5 years of experience in transporting cars. Your precious vehicle is always in secure hands with us. Particularly during the frosty Canadian winter when loading and unloading can be challenging, we deploy high-tech, well-maintained car shipping trailers to tackle obstacles like frozen hydraulics.

When it comes to car shipping in New Brunswick, Quick Cars Moving has you covered with a reliable network and experienced professionals to make your shipping experience smooth and stress-free.

Exploring Car Shipping Methods in New Brunswick

Ready to transport your car to a new location? We provide different shipping methods to suit your preferences.

Chevrolet Truck loaded into a train container in New Brunswick for transportation to Ontario

Enclosed Train

Protect your vehicle from unpredictable weather. It's a secure option for your beloved ride. Choose affordability without sacrificing quality. Ideal for cars, SUVs, and trucks.

Porsche 911 being loaded into an Enclosed Trailer for secure car transport in New Brunswick, highlighting quality transport services.

Enclosed Trailer

Travel in style with our custom enclosed trucks, ensuring your luxury and classic cars arrive in top-notch condition.

Open car hauler on a highway transporting cars in New Brunswick

Open Truck

Join the convoy of our 10-car haulers, reaching more areas than ever. Personal belongings allowed up to 350lbs.

Proudly Serving Cities Across New Brunswick

From the lively streets of Fredericton to the scenic landscapes of Saint John, Quick Cars Moving is at your service in New Brunswick. Here's a glimpse of the towns in New Brunswick we proudly connect with:

Hear It Directly from Our Satisfied Customers​

Kaya Redhawk

Facing a relocation from Saint John to Vancouver, I was initially concerned about the logistics of car shipping from New Brunswick. Quick Cars Moving completely alleviated my worries. Their service was seamless, from the first quote to the final delivery. The driver was professional, and my car arrived in excellent condition. Quick Cars Moving truly excels in providing top-notch New Brunswick car transport services

April 15, 2023

Graphic representation of our Google Verified Reviews, reflecting positive feedback from customers

Isabella Rossi

Embarking on a move from Fredericton to Calgary, the idea of entrusting my car to a shipping service was a bit overwhelming. Quick Cars Moving, however, turned out to be the perfect choice. Their attention to detail, from the initial estimate to the actual delivery, exceeded my expectations. The friendly driver and the flawless condition of my car upon arrival showcased Quick Cars Moving's expertise in car shipping from New Brunswick.

June 22, 2020

Graphic representation of our Google Verified Reviews, reflecting positive feedback from customers

Sebastian Müller

Moving from Moncton to Montreal was a significant transition, and ensuring the safe transport of my vehicle was a priority. Quick Cars Moving handled the entire process with exceptional care. The efficiency from the quote stage to the actual delivery was impressive. The driver was courteous, and my car arrived in perfect shape. Quick Cars Moving truly sets the standard for reliable and secure car shipping from New Brunswick

January 17, 2020

Graphic representation of our Google Verified Reviews, reflecting positive feedback from customers

Shipping Car from New Brunswick to Ontario: A How-To Guide

Ready to start your car shipping journey? Follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Get a Free Quick Quote: Begin the process by receiving a complimentary quick quote customized to your car shipping requirements.

  2. Choose Your Shipping Method: Explore our options – pick from an Enclosed Trailer, Enclosed Train, or Open Truck.

  3. Fill Out the Booking Form: Provide the necessary details on our easy-to-use booking form.

  4. Convenient Pickup: Our skilled drivers will collect your vehicle from your specified location.

  5. Swift Transit to Ontario: In just a few days, your cherished vehicle will reach the heart of Ontario.

  6. Flexible Delivery Options: Whether you prefer to retrieve your car from our depot or have it delivered to your doorstep, we've got you covered.

Crunching the Numbers: How Much to Ship a Car from New Brunswick to Ontario?

Curious about the expenses? The cost of shipping your car from New Brunswick to Ontario can vary depending on factors like your chosen shipping method, your car's type, and the season. Expect a range – $1000 to $1500 for open hauler trucks and $1800 to $2500 for the added comfort of an enclosed trailer.

Navigating the car shipping process doesn't have to be a complicated journey. With Quick Cars Moving, your experience extends beyond reaching your destination – it's about the assurance that your four-wheeled companion is in capable hands. So, get ready, New Brunswick, because your car's next adventure is just a truck ride away!

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