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Nationwide Car Shipping for Auction Wins: Get Your Car Home Now!

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Congratulations on winning a car at auction! Now comes the exciting yet challenging task of getting your prize possession home,  regardless of where you won it in Canada. This comprehensive guide by Quick Cars Moving outlines the process of safely and efficiently shipping your car across provinces, addressing your concerns and highlighting our exceptional services.

Challenges of Out-of-Province Car Purchases

  • Long Distances: Imagine driving long distances, especially during harsh Canadian winters, from Manitoba to your home province. It can be time-consuming, expensive, and potentially risky.


  • Unfamiliar Territory: Navigating unfamiliar roads and traffic regulations in Nova Scotia or British Columbia can be stressful, especially when dealing with the excitement of a new car.


  • Temporary Permits and Registration: Obtaining temporary permits and registering your vehicle can vary across provinces like Quebec.

Efficient Car Shipping by Train: Quick Cars Moving offers convenient and cost-effective train transport for auction vehicles, ensuring a smooth and secure journey across long distances.
Enclosed Trailer Transport: Quick Cars Moving provides reliable enclosed transport for valuable vehicles, ensuring their safe delivery across Canada.
Secure Transport for Luxury Cars: Quick Cars Moving safely loads high-value vehicles into an enclosed trailer at Adesa Brampton (Ontario) for secure nationwide shipping.

Quick Cars Moving: Your Nationwide Partner for Stress-Free Car Shipping

At Quick Cars Moving, we understand the complexities of out-of-province car purchases. We offer secure and insured car shipping services across all Canadian provinces, ensuring your vehicle arrives safely at its destination, whether it's from an auto auction in British Columbia, Manitoba car auction or government auction in Nova Scotia.

Why Choose Quick Cars Moving?

Nationwide Delivery

Nationwide Delivery

Our fleet of over 18 open car haulers and 8 enclosed trailers pick up and deliver vehicles from all major cities and towns across Canada, including Toronto and Vancouver.

Image of Full Transparency and Real-Time Tracking

Full Transparency and Real-Time Tracking

Stay informed every step of the way, from pickup to delivery, ensuring peace of mind throughout the shipping process..

Image of Competitive Rates and Flexible Options

Peace of Mind

Our experienced team takes care of the entire shipping process, allowing you to focus on the thrill of your new car.

Image of 24/7 Customer Support

Experienced Team

Our team of professionals handles all the logistics and paperwork, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience, whether you're shipping from a public car auction in Ontario or an auto auction in New Brunswick.

Exploring Car Shipping Methods: Out-of-Province Auction Wins & Beyond

We cater to your needs and budget with a variety of shipping methods

Chevrolet Truck being loaded in Train Container.jpg

Enclosed Train

Protect your vehicle from unpredictable weather while shipping it from any Canadian car auction. It's the safe and affordable choice for your beloved ride, no matter where you're shipping in Canada.

Luxury car being loaded in enclosed trailer.jpg

Enclosed Trailer

Experience luxury car shipping across Canada with our specialized enclosed trailers. Your high-end and classic cars will arrive in pristine condition, ready to make a lasting impression.

open car hauler highway carrying cars

Open Truck

Unlock greater possibilities with our growing car shipping network. Our fleet of 10-car haulers now reaches more destinations, allowing you to bring vehicles from any auction houses from all over Canada.

Steps to Take After Winning a Car Auction


Contact Quick Cars Moving:


Get a free quote and discuss your specific shipping needs. We offer competitive rates and flexible pick-up and delivery options.


Schedule Your Pick-up:


We work with a network of trusted partner carriers to ensure a convenient pick-up location in the auction province, like Ontario or Alberta.


Relax and Track:


Receive real-time updates on your car's location and track its progress online using our user-friendly system.


Enjoy Your New Car:


Upon arrival, your car will be delivered safely to your doorstep, ready for registration and enjoyment.

Additional Considerations

  • Temporary Permits: We can guide you through the process of obtaining temporary permits to legally transport your car across provinces.

  • Registration: We recommend familiarizing yourself with the registration process in your home province.

Nationwide Service

  • Need to ship your car from a Manitoba car auction back home? We've got you covered.


  • Won a car at an auction in Nova Scotia and need it delivered to British Columbia? Our services extend across all provinces.

  • Live in New Brunswick and looking to ship your new car from a Quebec auction? Our reliable car shipping solutions are available nationwide.

Get a Free Quote & Ship Your Auction Win Across Canada Today!

Get a free quote today and discover how Quick Cars Moving can provide you with a safe, reliable, and cost-effective solution for shipping your car across Canada.

Hear It Directly from Our Satisfied Customers​

Samson Rubio

Winning a car at auction in Manitoba was thrilling, but getting it home to Ontario seemed daunting. Quick Cars Moving took care of everything! Their enclosed transport option ensured my classic car arrived safely, and the real-time tracking kept me stress-free. Highly recommend them for any out-of-province car auction wins!

March 15, 2022

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Colby Singleton

Needed to ship my auction win from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. Quick Cars Moving offered the most competitive rates and excellent customer service. The open car transport was perfect for my SUV, and it arrived in Kelowna, BC exactly as described. Thanks for making my cross-country car shipping experience smooth and hassle-free!

September 28, 2021

Graphic representation of our Google Verified Reviews, reflecting positive feedback from customers

Ameer Cervantes

Auction win alert!  Found a dream car at a government auction in Montreal, but the drive back to Calgary was simply out of the question. Quick Cars Moving provided a seamless solution. Their experienced team handled all the paperwork, including the temporary permit for transporting the car across provinces.  Highly recommend their services for anyone looking for reliable and efficient car auction shipping across Canada.

November 7, 2020

Graphic representation of our Google Verified Reviews, reflecting positive feedback from customers
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