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Moose Licking Cars: What Parks Canada Wants You to Know

Moose Munching Mayhem: Why You Should Keep Your Car a Salt-Free Snack for Wildlife This Winter

Imagine pulling over for a scenic winter drive, windows down, enjoying the crisp air, only to have a colossal moose sidle up and start... licking your car? While it might sound like a scene from a quirky Canadian comedy, it's a surprisingly common occurrence across winter highways, and Parks Canada is urging drivers to resist the urge to become part of this unusual roadside attraction.

Here's the scoop: moose, those majestic giants of the wilderness, are craving salt in the winter months. Their usual plant-based diet doesn't offer enough sodium to keep their bodily functions humming, so they turn to roads sprinkled with winter's de-icing solution for a fix. And guess what? Your grimy, salt-encrusted car can look like a gourmet mineral lick to a hungry moose.

This salt-seeking behavior, while amusing, presents several dangers. Stopping for moose puts them at risk of being hit by vehicles. Additionally, habituating them to cars for a salty snack can lead to more collisions in the future. Remember, a moose is not a furry hood ornament!

So, what's a winter driver to do? Parks Canada offers some simple yet crucial tips:

  • Don't stop for moose, no matter how tempting the "car-licking spectacle" might be. Drive around them slowly and cautiously.

  • Be extra vigilant during December and January, the peak moose-vehicle collision months. These dark, low-light conditions make spotting them even trickier.

  • Understand that even "salt-alternative" road solutions used by some parks can still hold traces of moose magnets.

  • And if you're planning a long winter road trip, consider leaving the car washing until spring! A bit of grimy winter coat on your vehicle could just mean one less tempting snack option for a curious moose.

While avoiding a car-licking moose encounter might seem like a bizarre wintery challenge, it's a responsible one. By following these tips, you can help keep both yourself and these magnificent creatures safe on the road. And who knows, maybe you'll catch a glimpse of a majestic moose in its natural habitat, munching on its winter salad instead of your salty bumper. Now that's a truly unforgettable wintery memory!

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